Austell Learning Academy has been especially built to safely accommodate the needs of young children while providing a bright, attractive and stimulating environment. This Center contains the following features:

• Electronic Air Purification System — The facilities rooms have an electronic Air Purifier that runs 24 hours a day. This removes the dust, viruses, bacteria, pollen, odors, lint and other particles that float through the air.

• Fire Retardant Construction — A combination of steel, masonry, concrete and sheet rock construction gives this Center a fire retardent rating.

• Fire Doors Leading to Fenced Playgrounds — Each classroom has at least one fire door. These doors remain unlocked at all times and lead to a fenced playground.

• Electrical Outlets Five Feet Off the Floor — All classroom electrical outlets and switches are five feet of the floor and out of the reach of your child.

• Smoke Detectors, Fire Extinguishers & Alarm System — The Center is equipped with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and a fire alarm system.

• Child-Sized Bathroom Facilities — Each Pre-school classroom has its own lavatories and child-sized commodes.

• Traditional Sized Classrooms — It is our belief at Austell Learning Academy that learning is more effective when children are grouped by age and maturity in separate, traditionally sized classrooms.

Austell Learning Academy

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